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Spine Reviews

In 2019 as a UPS package driver I was given a choice quit working and find another job, or seek treatment that would work. My job requires me to lift up to 150 lbs packages , 70 lbs with out help. In June of 2019 I had PRP injections in my Lumbar spine. I went back to work in time for the last Christmas rush, since Covid 19 hit its been six months of 14 hour days. My job is far from easy, and there are no weekends in which some muscle, or joint does not hurt. So far, by following the after care physical therapy procedures that Dr. Derrington provided, I have avoided major pain. So far his PRP spinal treatments have worked on my degenerative condition. Tip, ask for your after care instructions a few days ahead of the procedures so you can have everything ready, and don't fly the day of your procedure. I flew in for a lumbar procedure, and when my flight was canceled, the pain hit hard. Rest after your procedure. Get a hotell to recover. Fly the second or third day to be ok.Bill C.

Dr. Derrington is a real pro at his work! He has passion for what he does and takes the time to listen and explain. I love that he takes healing from the approach as to what is the root cause and working to put a correction in place rather than a band-aid on the problem. I had horrible lower back pain and several doctors said I needed surgery. I so did not want someone cutting on me to potentially make matters works....The PRP injextions worked. It's now been three years and still free of lower back pain! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Trecia K.

I was in so much pain in the left side of my upper back which shot down my arm to my hand. Had several shots which didn't help. Saw 2 different surgeons that said I need surgery. Went to see Dr. Derrington which was the best decision I could of made! He and his staff are GREAT! I had platelet injections and I feel so much better! He explained everything and I felt very comfortable with the procedure. It has been 9 months and (if needed) I wouldn't hesitate to do it again! Thank you Dr. Derrington!

Valerie R.

For years I had been fighting back pain. I have scoliosis and didn't think anything could be done because of my advanced age. I've known about PRP for some time but didn't think I could find a skilled practitioner locally. Then I heard about Derrington Orthopedics in Oceanside and Dr. Derrington and decided to go for it. It was the best decision I've made in a very long time. I continue to improve daily and I am grateful to Dr. Derrington for using his considerable skill and expertise to help give me back my life. I improve each day and now am able to walk farther before my back starts to tell me it's too tired to hold me up. I am confident that over time I will get back to a completely normal life.

Barbara M.

Semi large disc herniation l5-S1. I am a 38 year old active guy who enjoy golf, surfing and other outdoor activities.

I injured my lumbar back on several occasions over a few years and it progressively got worse. Sitting in front of a computer for the more part of my working ours didn't help either.

I was diagnosed via MRI with a large semi large disc herniation. I saw my regular doctor as well as a spine specialist outside my network prior to contacting Stephen and Regenexx in San Rafael. All my prior consultations only stated the already known facts; disc herniation and that they wouldn't surgically try to improve the condition unless it worsened.

It was not until I spoke to Stephen I was suggested alternative methods for dealing with my injury. We spoke about anti inflammatory foods and supplements to lower inflammation. We also spoke about the importance of a strong core. He suggested I stopped taking medications such as voltaren and similar pain meds I was taking on occasion for pain and inflammation. I researched this further and as it turns out - in the longer run the actually cause more inflammation. I started taking turmeric and collagen 2 instead.

Over a year I had a total of 6 to 8 epidural injections done on two occasions. After the first set of injections I started obsessively strengthening my core, which turned out to be significantly weaker than I always thought. I worked through the pain and was very sore for several days. I got better after a few weeks after the first set of injections, but the real improvement started coming on after a couple of months.

The more part of the year I gradually got better. At the end of year I requested one more MRI and the herniation had shrunk 4mm in size!

I decided to get one more set of shots at the end of that year to top things off. At this time I was about 75% of my old self, a lot less inflammation happening. I didn't have all the same shots done at this time, only around the disc itself.

Today, about a year later I have a solid strong core that I continue to strengthen. I am about 99.8% healed, no pain at all in my daily life at all. I am back to surfing, golf and all the other things I couldn't do for about 2 full years.

I believe a combination of proper dedicated training - both mobility and strength, lowered inflammation and the regenexx epidural shots which shrunk the herniation sealed the deal for me.

Don't listen to doctors who say surgery is the only solution!


Semi large disc herniation l5-S1. I am a 38 year old active guy who enjoy golf, surfing and other outdoor activities. It was not until I spoke to Stephen I was suggested alternative methods for dealing with my injury. We spoke about anti inflammatory foods and supplements to lower inflammation. I believe a combination of proper dedicated training - both mobility and strength, lowered inflammation and the regenexx epidural shots which shrunk the herniation (4mm) sealed the deal for me.


Dr Derrington, under promised and Over Delivered. The lowest disk - between L4 and L5 - in my back gave me constant pain and was "out" on a day to day basis. Now after four months, my back hasn't gone "out" once and the pain is completely gone. In 2012, I was diagnosed with a flat disk from several childhood injuries. At that point the pain ranged, on a scale of 1 to 10, between 1 and 3, and this is if I didn't stretch and my back would go "out" every several months.

Over the next several years, my back pain got worse and it started going out more often. Mind you, I am very active, but had to stop because my condition seemed to be accelerating. Then in Sept 2017, I did something to my back that caused daily pain and was also out on a daily basis. The pain constantly ranged from 4 to 6 and stretching my back and legs never helped. In fact, it was too painful to even stretch.

The pain and debilitation was so bad that I did some research and found that stem cell therapy was a newer option and found Dr Derrington information and scheduled a visit in Oct 2017. He told me that I would need a new MRI to confirm if I was a candidate, but I never felt pressured by he or his staff.

I was skeptical, since this medical treatment was about 10 years old, but my pain and debilitation made it hard to think anything else. Several depressing months went by and I know my condition would only get worse, so I scheduled an MRI in Jan 2018. The new MRI confirmed my candidacy, but I was still skeptical. Over the next month, I weighed my two options - live the rest of my life in debilitating pain or undergo the Regenexx stem cell procedure. I figured it was worth trying and any level of improvement would be worth it.

I had my procedure in late March 2018 and the daily pain is almost completely gone. The pain never goes above 1, on a scale of 1 to 10, which only occurs if I'm sitting in hard chair for hours. If any pain returns, all I have to do is stretch and it goes away. Even better, my back hasn't gone out since my procedure and I have returned to staying active. Before my procedure, my L5 vertebrate would pop in and out of place by massaging my lower back muscles. That is, it was very lose and shifted around. Now, after my procedure, it does not shift at all. This procedure has changed my life and for that, I am grateful and recommend it to anyone.

Frederick S.

Dr. Derrington was thorough, compassionate and informative. He explained my back problems using a computer program which enabled visualization of the spinal cord which made it easier for me to see and understand my back issues. I'm definitely looking forward to the next visit.


Dr. Derrington was terrific. He really listened to me explain the details of my symptoms and history. I felt like he understood what my problems are and sought to address them with a thorough exam and explanation of how my spine and related muscles and ligaments all work together. I felt comfortable asking questions and like he cared.


I had treatments done a month ago with Dr. Derrington at Regenex in Oceanside (highly recommend) for my debilitating back and hip pain. I have bulging disks, arthritis and degenerative disk decease in my lower back, plus damaged tendons & ligaments in my left hip. Taking pain killers or having actual surgery was not an option for me. I've heard & seen too many horror stories and just didn't want to go there! (Not judging anyone here) So I had PRP & Prolotherapy done. They were great at keeping me comfortable during the whole procedure. I'm happy to report that I've been pain free for 30 days! Free of the debilitating daily pain that made it to where I couldn't even walk. I was told not to expect any significant changes for at least 2 months and the process takes up to a year to get the full benefit. Which of coarse is expected since your body is busy rebuilding itself. I haven't tried going on a long walk yet but will soon. But at least I can go short distances, stand, sit, sleep, wash dishes and cook without being in pain. I highly recommend Dr. Derrington and his staff! Everyone was truly amazing to work with.

Andy F.

I was in tremendous pain from a herniated L5-S1. Nothing was working well. Tried cortisone epidural and physical therapy but still had quite a bit of pain. That's when I started researching other treatments and came across regenexx and Stephen Derrington. After one treatment I immediately felt a relief from the pain and haven't looked back since. It's the best I've felt in the past two years. I'm able to stand up straight again, sit down for long periods of time, workout, without being in excruciating pain. I would highly recommend contacting Stephen Derrington if you are in pain to see if you are a good candidate for regenexx.

Chris R.

Knee Reviews

Thank you Dr Derrington blood plasma platelet injection has done the job for my knee with meniscus tear and arthritis injection has given me a new lease on being able to exercise, golf, and enjoy walks on the beach with my girlfriend, you the man!!!!Michael M.

I had stem cell and PRP treatment on my knee in June 2019 and a booster PRP in September 2019. I have been skiing every day for the last 30 days and my knee keeps getting stronger with each turn. Last year it would swell up and it was painful, I did not think I would be skiing this season. I am celebrating my 70th year of skiing. Thanks Dr. Derrington

Richard C.

Stem cell procedure to right knee for meniscus tare.


Dr. Derrington saw me for my torn LCL. I received a couple injections of PRP from my orthopedic surgeon before seeing Dr. Derrington and I was expected to make a full recovery without surgery. Both of those injections were unsuccessful, and did not help one bit. Luckily I met Dr Derrington and through his expertise in PRP injections and proper physical rehabilitation I was able to make a full recovery in less than two months. I am now back doing jiujitsu and weight lifting like normal. I recommend him as a first point of contact because the sooner you get in to see him the better.


Dr. Derrington saved my left knee I was 24 hours away from having a knee replacement I contacted his office made an appointment he explained everything to me .five month later I'm back to running and doing the things that I enjoy, been outdoors cycling, backpacking, I may run Boston marathon again my knee continues to improve. Thank you very much.


I would give a million stars If I could. Dr Derrington and ALL of his staff are amazing!!!!! I had a bone bruise in my femur with some cartilage damage same knee. All the previous Surgeons I consulted with did not convince me it was in my best interest to do a myriad of invasive Surgery, with months of recovery, and no guarantee of recovery. I found Dr Derrington after exhausting search for a solution. Its only been 10 days since I started treatment with these guys. I have had Prolo Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, a bone augmentation, and a follow up, with thebest kind of PRP(SCP) injections/treatment avail. All of those things and to avoid Surgery and recover with only a few days of discomfort is a miracle. Thank you guys. They are saving me. Ok everyone 8 weeks after the procedure and going back to work. I'm almost 100% in only 2 months. This group Dr Derrington and Emily literally gave me my physical life back. Also I recommend PT with Inside Out Dr Dave Paczkowski his brilliance in PT has GREATLY improved my legs/knee recovery in a very short time. Ty all SOOO MUCH!!!! I am 57 years old.

Mike C.

Shoulder Reviews

I had chronic pain in my right shoulder for over 8 years, due to a series of gymnastic and martial art related injuries. Over the course of treating my shoulder I tried acupuncture, ART, RRT, massage, clinical fasting, physical therapy, modality training, and a host of both topical and oral medications. All roads pointed to arthroscopic surgery.

Based on MRI results, and the opinions of many leading specialists, I was a classical candidate for orthoscopic surgery of the glenoid labrum, with various anterior tears from noon to six. I was also looking at a biceps tenodesis to remove the long head of my biceps tendon.

I was dreading surgery and thought that there was no other alternative. Then I found Regenexx.

The Regenexx Procedure on my right shoulder has greatly improved the functionality of my shoulder and reduced the chronic pain. I would recommend the regenexx procedure to anyone with chronic shoulder pain who is either contemplating arthroscopic surgery or who has been examined by a medical professional and been deemed a candidate for arthroscopic surgery.

I am so glad I tried the Regenexx Procedure. Please give this procedure a try before attempting any invasive surgery. You will be glad you did.

Justin E.

After a MRI confirmed I had two rotator cuff tears, I was told by multiple shoulder specialists that surgery was my only option, that I should prepare to be in a sling for at least 6 months, and that even with a successful procedure there was a chance would need follow-up surgery at some point.

Dr. Derrington educated me on stem cell therapy (it was surprisingly easier to understand than the explanation I got regarding surgery). Dr. Derrington explained that stem cell therapy was a non-invasive, lower cost, natural alternative to surgery using my own stem cells and allowing my body to heal my shoulder.

I decided to proceed with the therapy. After the stem cell injections, my shoulder was incredibly sore for multiple days but that was the worst extent of the overall pain. Post injections, it was on me to promote the healing and ignite the stem cells through supplements, healthy nutrition, and rehabilitation exercises. I had full range of motion within a month and was starting rehab after 6 weeks. Understanding the proper mechanics (use, movement, posture, etc.) of my shoulder through rehab was really eye-opening and adhering to a regular routine of motion and recovery (infrared heating, rest) was noticeably beneficial. After 5 months now I am fully functional and focused on incrementally strengthening my shoulder and trying to push it to it's fullest recovery potential.

Dr. Derrington and his staff in Oceanside, CA were warm, responsive, honest, and professional. During the process, I would randomly reach out directly to Dr. Derrington with thoughts, feelings, and questions. His responses were always timely and thoughtful. Dr. Derrington has earned my trust and recommendation by exceeding my expectations.

Carl S.

Dr. Derrington saved me from shoulder surgery with the PRP injections. Not only can I continue working but I can golf pain free. I am a Chiropractor and have sent several patients to Dr. Derrington including my wife who had stem cell and PRP in her neck and shoulder everyone has had a great result.

I highly recommend Dr. Derrington and the Regenexx team; they have changed my life!

Pat W.

I am extremely impressed by the care I received from Dr. Derrington and his staff for treatment of calcific tendonitis in my shoulder, for providing more current, less invasive procedures that worked great. After just a few weeks I am pain-free and back to complete normal activities, doing better than I have been for several years. Here’s the back story: I had been having pain, limited mobility and weakness in my left arm due to calcific tendonitis for several years. I first went to an orthopedic doctor who gave me a steroid shot and recommended traditional surgery with 6 month or more recovery time. That’s when I sought out alternative less invasive treatments and found Dr. Derrington. He suggested a procedure called lavage, along with PRP which was much less invasive than surgery. He basically sucked out the calcium with a needle and injected PRP to assist with healing. I was able to watch the whole procedure in real time on sonogram, and he even showed me the calcium he extracted.

Jim P.

I feel like I have a better understanding of what is going on with my shoulder and a plan going forward.


Dr. Derrington introduced me to stem cell therapy, a non-invasive, lower cost, natural alternative to surgery using my own stem cells and allows my body to heal my rotator cuff tears in my shoulder. Dr. Derrington and his staff in Oceanside, CA were warm, responsive, honest, and professional. I would highly recommend.


I walked into the office needing help to take my shirt off because my shoulder had snapped, crackled and popped out of place from Jiu Jitsu. I already had a confirmed torn labrum from a previous MRI before this injury and had just pushed through for 2 years before the most recent one. Dr. Derrington was extremely good at listening to what was going on with it and making an assessment on the best way to handle the injury and recommended starting with PRP and seeing what will happen.

Fast forward to day 5 or 6, and I was able to use the arm like nothing had ever happened. I truly couldn't believe it and have been telling every single one of my friends with nagging long term injuries to see what is possible with this treatment because I had accepted that I would live with bad joints or get some traumatic surgery which rarely fixes the issue completely. DO NOT continue to stay in pain if you have joint issues and get an evaluation from this man!

Gev A.

I am so thankful for Dr. Derrington. I am a self employed massage therapist who had a torn rotator cuff. I have heard only horror stories from people who had surgery and I needed to get back to work asap with a healthy shoulder.
Dr. Derrington's knowledge and expertise, not to mention his friendly demeanor, made me feel comfortable right away. He really listens and respects your feelings and opinions. When I decided to do the stem cell procedure he walked me through everything and did whatever he could to make it a positive experience. He even played my favorite music during the procedure.
I was able to start working again, a little at a time, after only 3 months. I had great range of motion and I continue to get stronger. It was been 8 months since the procedure and I am working, living my normal life, even swimming, and experiencing minimal discomfort, if any at all.
Many of my friends were skeptical that I would do this well. I have no regrets and am so glad that I did not have surgery.
Thank you so much Dr. Derrington and staff!

Dana W.

Foot / Ankle Reviews

I have had facet arthritic pain for the past two years at my l3/l4 and l4/l5 as a result of a sports injury and military service. Orthopedic surgery was not a viable option. Over the past two years I have done 3 rounds of physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, 3 sets of radio frequency ablation, and 2 stem cell injections. Radio frequency ablation was effective for 10-14 months but the nerves grew back and my pain returned about 8 months ago. PT didn't really help. As a result of my pain I developed bad movement patterns and my body created stiffness in my low back in order to prevent painful movements. Prior to my injections I could NOT; run, hyper extend, or swim without pain. Dr. Derrington spent over two hours during my initial consult, to listen to my history and he conducted an extremely comprehensive physical assessment. He then walked me through a treatment course of action. I have NEVER had a physician take this much time to conduct an evaluation. He used an online musculoskeletal program to show exactly where my injury was, and where he intended to conduct the injections. He spent at least 30 minutes of the evaluation educating me about the pros/cons of the injections and what I could expect from a recovery standpoint. He was extremely candid during the entire process. Dr. Derrington recommended a set of PRP injections at my facet joints (L3/L4, L4/L5, L5/S1) as well as a series of injections near my L4/L5 disk, and a series of injections into my lumbar stabilization muscles. What sets his clinic apart from other regenerative clinics is the fact that he did a series of injections throughout the back. He injected the PRP in the muscles, facet joints, and near the disk. Three days after my consultation, I had the procedure. The procedure went smoothly. It took about 5 weeks for me to notice changes. I am currently 9 weeks post procedure. I am able to run upwards of 3 miles, 2 times a week. I can swim without pain, and am able to hit the stationary bike for 60 minutes at a time. I can do most calisthenic workouts. I have no background pain. I still have limitations with hyper extension and rotational movements, however, I am able to extend and rotate much farther than I could 9 weeks ago. 8 weeks after the procedure he conducted a virtual follow up. Dr. Derrington has a fantastic clinic. He truly cares about his patients, and takes the time to understand the underlying problem. I highly recommend seeing him if you have chronic pain.

Jeremy C.

I found Dr Derrington as I was searching for a way to avoid surgery for a nonunion fracture in my big toe. Combine his expertise & bedside manner with his staff plus the technology he uses, and you have a winning combination. Dr D performed a stem cell transfer and PRP in July, and 5 weeks post-procedure a high-res X-ray revealed the fracture was completely healed. I am beyond grateful to have avoided surgery and be able to get back to the activities I enjoy most. Thank you, Dr. D!


Dr. Derrington helped me overcome a lingering case of plantar faciitis. He is very approachable and has a very pleasant and straightforward communication style. He engages the patient holistically and looks at the patient's concern in a larger context. He is thoughtful in suggestions on lifestyle adjustments. He looks for the least complicated solution first. His recommendation of a platelet treatment to my heel worked marvelously and I was back jogging in a few weeks. I recommend him highly.

Finbarr O.

Other Reviews

Dr Derrington is great and Andrea and Emily have been extremely responsive and helpful. I picked the right organization for my procedure!

Michael G.

My overall experience was great. Dr. Derrington was very focused on the task at hand giving very detailed instructions and taking very detailed notes.

Isaac N.

It was great to meet Dr. Derrington, he explains your injury in a way in which someone with no background in anatomy or physiology can understand!


Dr was great in his explanation rated him a 10 across the board.

Mona H.

He was nice and very clear in what treatments I needed and given reason for them. Honest feedback on if treatment was advise or not.


One best exams and patient care I have had in many years dealing with providers.

Health P.

I am very pleased with the attention, work and professionalism of Dr Derrington. He is remarkable in the work he has done to get my body back to enable me to function in a normal fashion. His assistant, Emilie, works well with him to make a good team.

Robbie R.

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