Here at Health Link Medical Center we are always looking for new ways to improve our patient experience. We understand that it is not always possible for you to come into our office for a visit, so we have taken the appropriate steps to give you better access to the quality care you deserve. With the help of telemedicine we are able to bring our services to you, overcoming the barriers of time, distance, and even illness so that you have access to Dr. Stephen Derrington when you need it most.

Telemedicine allows us to deliver a unique consultation experience to you remotely using HIPAA compliant video conferencing tools. This service allows you to connect to Dr. Stephen Derrington with ease in a timely manner, and is designed with the patient in mind to be very user-friendly. Virtual consultations can be done using devices that most patients have easy access to such as a smartphone or a computer with a built-in video camera, so you won’t need to worry about having any specialized equipment. Using our telemedicine service is simple, and our friendly staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have about utilizing this service prior to your appointment.

During your virtual consultation, you will be able to reap all the same benefits of an in-office visit without the wait time, hassle, and risk of spreading germs that comes with physically being in the office. Nearly every aspect of your care can be handled virtually, including direct access to Dr. Stephen Derrington, remote medical diagnosis, and education on prevention and treatment options. We will even handle the payment virtually, so you won’t have to worry about coming into the office or dealing with the mail in order to settle your bill.

With the help of telemedicine we are able to transform the patient experience to one that is more convenient, cost-effective, and practical in today’s modern, fast-paced, and ever-changing society. If you have any questions about our telemedicine services or would like to schedule your virtual consultation, contact us today.

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Effective Online Virtual Orthopedic Care

Dr. Derrington is available to provide exceptional medical care through virtual online visits. Our program gives patients face to face, real-time access to Dr. Derrington, who can help them with a variety of orthopedic muscle and joint-related conditions, including:

  • New or chronic orthopedic muscle and joint pain either from injury or overuse (see our conditions treated page here)
  • In cases where an orthopedic surgery was canceled, and the issue persists
  • First-time appointments for those with orthopedic needs
  • Follow-up appointments to continue treatment plans
  • People looking for alternatives to surgery or for a less invasive solution

Our goal for new patients is to help diagnose their issue(s) and provide appropriate treatment options, including candidacy rating for a Regenexx procedure. For our existing patients, we can help continue your progress moving forward through remote patient monitoring.

What to Expect of Your Virtual Doctor Visit?

Virtual visits are very similar to a typical office visit. However, the physical office is replaced with telecommunication technology in the form of a video call.

It’s a simple 3-step process:

  1. Your online doctor’s appointment is scheduled. You’ll then receive confirmation of your appointment with a link to your virtual doctor’s office. Make sure you mark your calendar!
  2. You’ll be directed to complete a self-exam and patient history form which you’ll submit through a secure web portal. Your doctor will review the information with you in greater detail during your appointment.
  3. In the day and time of your appointment, you’ll be greeted by your doctor. Since screens are two-way you can share and discuss diagnosis, imaging, medication, treatment options, and more.

Is it Covered by Insurance?

Many insurance carriers now cover these types of virtual doctor exams during the crisis. Once you are connected with the practice office you can discuss your specific insurance coverage.