Regenexx – The Trusted Alternative to Orthopedic Surgery

Regenexx is a world leader in the field of orthopedic regenerative medicine based on scientific publications and is arguably the world’s most advanced platform for in-office advanced imaging techniques, including ultrasound imaging and fluoroscopy, and more. Regenexx® Procedures provide non-surgical treatment options for those suffering from pain related to osteoarthritis, joint injuries, spine pain, overuse conditions, and common sports injuries. These medical procedures are only performed by highly skilled doctors and are used to help reduce pain and improve function. Regenexx procedures have helped thousands of patients improve their quality of life, return to the activities they enjoy, and avoid the need for surgery or joint replacement*.

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Supported Natural Healing

Your Body's Natural Healing

Derrington Orthopedics uses advanced imaging techniques, including ultrasound imaging and fluoroscopy, to inject your cells and platelets that support healing exactly where needed for maximum efficacy. Our clinic utilizes your body's cells and/or platelets and inject them into precisely the right spot to help you avoid surgery.

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Physician Expertise and Training

The Best Doctors with the Best Training

The Regenexx network accepts only a handful of interested physicians. We turn most applicants away based on their lack of advanced training in image-guided injection procedures. Regenexx physicians are required to have extensive experience with complex, image-guided injections and comprehensive evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries. Our physicians also receive hundreds of hours of initial and ongoing training.

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Regenexx SANS Evaluations

Detailed Evaluations and Diagnostics

Correct diagnosis takes time. Regenexx physicians spend an average of an hour with new patients evaluating every aspect of their injuries and developing a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses not only the site of pain but its underlying causes. Patients then receive a candidacy grade that rates the likelihood that a Regenexx procedure can help them.

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Lab Processing

Delivering a Better Product

Not all regenerative products are created equally. Every Regenexx location has an on-site processing lab. Our proprietary lab-processing techniques allow us to achieve much higher concentrations of cells than can be achieved with a bedside centrifuge. On-site lab processing allows us to create a very selective, highly-skilled, interventional orthopedics network that is 100% focused on joint, tendon, ligament, spine, and bone conditions.

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Image Guidance

We Target the Exact Location of Your Injury

We use precise image guidance for all injections which allows us to target the exact location of the injury. This precision allows for far more consistent and sophisticated treatment than is available without image guidance.

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