• I was in so much pain in the left side of my upper back which shot down my arm to my hand. Had several shots which didn’t help. Saw 2 different surgeons that said I need surgery. Went to see Dr. Derrington which was the best decision I could of made! He and his staff are GREAT! I had platelet injections and I feel so much better! He explained everything and I felt very comfortable with the procedure. It has been 9 months and (if needed) I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! Thank you Dr. Derrington!

    Valerie R.

  • For years I had been fighting back pain. I have scoliosis and didn’t think anything could be done because of my advanced age. I’ve known about PRP for some time but didn’t think I could find a skilled practitioner locally. Then I heard about Health Link in Oceanside and Dr. Derrington and decided to go for it. It was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. I continue to improve daily and I am grateful to Dr. Derrington for using his considerable skill and expertise to help give me back my life. I improve each day and now am able to walk farther before my back starts to tell me it’s too tired to hold me up. I am confident that over time I will get back to a completely normal life.

    Barbara M.

  • I had treatments done a month ago with Dr. Derrington at Healthlink Regenex in Oceanside (highly recommend) for my debilitating back and hip pain. I have bulging disks, arthritis and degenerative disk decease in my lower back, plus damaged tendons & ligaments in my left hip. Taking pain killers or having actual surgery was not an option for me. I’ve heard & seen too many horror stories and just didn’t want to go there! (Not judging anyone here) So I had PRP & Prolotherapy done. They were great at keeping me comfortable during the whole procedure. I’m happy to report that I’ve been pain free for 30 days! Free of the debilitating daily pain that made it to where I couldn’t even walk. I was told not to expect any significant changes for at least 2 months and the process takes up to a year to get the full benefit. Which of coarse is expected since your body is busy rebuilding itself. I haven’t tried going on a long walk yet but will soon. But at least I can go short distances, stand, sit, sleep, wash dishes and cook without being in pain. I highly recommend Dr. Derrington and his staff! Everyone was truly amazing to work with.

    Andie F.

  • I was in tremendous pain from a herniated L5-S1. Nothing was working well. Tried cortisone epidural and physical therapy but still had quite a bit of pain. That’s when I started researching other treatments and came across regenexx and Stephen Derrington. After one treatment I immediately felt a relief from the pain and haven’t looked back since. It’s the best I’ve felt in the past two years. I’m able to stand up straight again, sit down for long periods of time, workout, without being in excruciating pain. I would highly recommend contacting Stephen Derrington if you are in pain to see if you are a good candidate for regenexx.

    Chris R..

  • Dr. Derrington saved me from shoulder surgery with the PRP injections. Not only can I continue working but I can golf pain free. I am a Chiropractor and have sent several patients to Dr. Derrington including my wife who had stem cell and PRP in her neck and shoulder everyone has had a great result. I highly recommend Dr. Derrington and the Regenexx team; they have changed my life!

    Pat W.

  • I am extremely impressed by the care I received from Dr. Derrington and his staff for treatment of calcific tendonitis in my shoulder, for providing more current, less invasive procedures that worked great. After just a few weeks I am pain-free and back to complete normal activities, doing better than I have been for several years. Here’s the back story: I had been having pain, limited mobility and weakness in my left arm due to calcific tendonitis for several years. I first went to an orthopedic doctor who gave me a steroid shot and recommended traditional surgery with 6 month or more recovery time. That’s when I sought out alternative less invasive treatments and found Dr. Derrington. He suggested a procedure called lavage, along with PRP which was much less invasive than surgery. He basically sucked out the calcium with a needle and injected PRP to assist with healing. I was able to watch the whole procedure in real time on sonogram, and he even showed me the calcium he extracted

    Jim P.