Dr. Derrington’s story to where he is today has been written over the last 20+ years. After excelling in 3 sports in high school, he attended Macalester College, where he was a multisport athlete, competing in both baseball and football. As a sophomore, he turned his focus to baseball, where he gained all-conference honors, and spent his extra time working with the athletic training staff. During this time, he helped other athletes recover from injuries and get back on the field while also providing other treatments to keep athletes performing at peak levels.

After college, Dr. Derrington attended Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, where he learned the osteopathic medicine tenets that embrace the body’s tendency towards self-healing and developed the manual skills to diagnose and treat many orthopedic conditions. While completing residency training at Thomas Jefferson University in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, he helped maximize function for a wide range of patients, including those dealing with orthopedic problems like back and knee injuries. During this training, he noticed that while traditional treatments for orthopedic injuries can be effective, they often cause additional problems down the road and are more invasive and destructive than is often needed. He then began searching for better ways to treat his future patients.

The next step in Dr. Derrington’s medical training was an Interventional Spine, Sports Medicine, and Regenerative Medicine fellowship with Dr. Marko Bodor in Napa, CA. During this training, he used diagnostic ultrasound to accurately diagnose orthopedic conditions, and mastered utilizing both ultrasound and fluoroscopic (live x-ray) image guidance, giving his patients accurate and precise treatments for their injuries. It was during this year that he began using advanced imaging techniques, including ultrasound imaging and fluoroscopy, to inject cells and platelets that support healing exactly where needed for maximum efficacy on some of his patients. This harnessed the body’s natural ability to heal in a way that didn’t cause additional damage and had the potential to make the body stronger and healthier. After seeing the two paths that patients could go down for their orthopedic care, the direction that he wanted to take all of his patients on was clear.

Dr. Derrington joined the Regenexx network of physicians with Health Link Medical Center in 2016 and since then has been using the most advanced orthobiologic treatments available to help his patients not only feel better, but also BE better! In early 2020, Dr. Derrington took over ownership of the San Diego and Orange County Health Link clinics, rebranding to Derrington Orthopedics- Interventional Sports and Spine, where he continues the premier orthopedic care he has provided his patients for years as a Regenexx physician.