Joint Pain? When Is The Right Time to Seek Help?

Pain does not always mean surgery or steroid injections, listen to Dr. Derrington’s featured podcast with Healthcare Corner to learn more! During the show, you will learn how a specialist can help with non-surgical alternatives for orthopedic injuries. Find out more about surgery alternatives, Regenexx, Sports Injury and Arthritis treatments!

Veterans in Pain VIP Testimonial

VIP Veteran Jorge O. received life altering care through the generosity of Veterans In Pain VIP, and VIP volunteer Physician Dr. Steve Derrington of Derrington Orthopedics – Interventional Sports and Spine. 

Webinar: The Real Deal on Lasers, PRP, Bone Marrow Concentrate, and other Non-Fusion Treatments.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Derrington Discuss the Latest and Greatest Advances in the Treatment of Low Back Pain 

Featured on FIVE Minute Bark – Interview with Dr. Steve Derrington of Derrington Orthopedics.

Discussing alternatives to back and joint surgery – September 2, 2020

Featured on Men Made for More – Achieving Long-Term Health with Dr. Steve Derrington of Derrington Orthopedics.

Are you looking for ways to achieve long-term health? In this episode we talk about why short-term fixes don’t lead to long-term results and the importance of preparation and having a plan.

Featured On Stick To The Program – Episode 42 – Doctor, Family Man, CrossFitter With Dr. Steve Derrington

For Episode 42 I sat down with Dr. Steve Derrington to discuss his work as an osteopathic doctor and how he balances his fitness health, and career while being a new father. We dig into what his approach is to medicine and we also get into to some discussion about his daily workouts.