Is my consultation covered by insurance?

We are in network with many PPO insurance providers and can bill your insurance. If you have an HMO insurance or don’t have insurance, the cost of the consultation is $97. Every consultation includes a thorough examination, review of history and imaging, and may include a diagnostic ultrasound.

Can I have a consultation without coming into the office in person?

Yes, we offer telehealth appointments that can be billed through your insurance. If you have an HMO insurance or don’t have insurance, the cost of the telehealth visit is $97. We also offer free radiology reviews to let you know if you’re a candidate before coming in for a consultation.

My orthopedic doctor told me I’m “bone on bone” and nothing other than a joint replacement can help me. Can a Regenexx stem cell procedure help?

Unfortunately, most orthopedic doctors are not aware of the advances that have been made in stem cell therapies. Regenexx is the pioneer of orthopedic stem cell therapies and is one of the only companies that offers published results. Our published data shows positive improvements in pain and function in most patients with arthritis, even “bone on bone.”

If I have severe arthritis, will this procedure regrow my cartilage?

No. While we have seen MRI evidence of cartilage growth in mild and moderate arthritis, we generally don’t see it with severe arthritis.

Many patients experience improvements even if cartilage isn’t being regrown. Many mechanisms have been put forth, including long-term blocking of cells that destroy the joint, rescue of cells that fix the joint, and replacing lost native stem cells that maintain the joint.

I was told that my stem cells are too old and I should get umbilical cord stem cells because they are younger and would work better. Is that right?

Umbilical cord, placenta, Wharton’s jelly, or other birth tissue products available in the United States don’t have any living stem cells in them. This has been published by multiple research groups and many of the companies selling these products have received warning letters from the FDA to stop saying their products contain live stem cells.

Our registry data has shown that for stem cell procedures, older age does not adversely affect procedure outcome.

What data do you have to show these procedures can help heal orthopedic injuries?

Regenexx stem cell procedures have been studied extensively for more than 15 years and our patients are part of the world’s largest human mesenchymal stem cell database for orthopedic purposes. We regularly publish outcome data from this registry and make it available to the public. Regenexx has published 44% of the world’s orthopedic stem cell literature, including two randomized controlled trials, with several others ongoing.

Are Regenexx procedures approved by the FDA?

Medical procedures are not “approved” by the FDA as they are not a drug. Medical procedures are performed at the discretion of the practicing physician and are regulated by the state’s medical board.

Each of the Regenexx procedures available in the United States involves the patient’s own bone marrow, blood or adipose (fat), and we only treat musculoskeletal conditions. The Regenexx procedures available in the United States generally fall into the following regulatory exemptions:

  • For our procedures involving concentrated bone marrow, minimally manipulated bone marrow for homologous use is not subject to FDA regulation as a human cell, tissue, or cellular or tissue-based product (HCT/P); 21 CFR 1271.3(d).
  • For our procedures involving autologous blood (such as PRP), practitioners who are licensed by law to prescribe or administer drugs and who manufacture blood products solely for use in the course of their professional practice are not subject to FDA regulation; 21 CFR 607.65.
  • Procedures involving the removal of an HCT/P from a patient and the implantation of that same HCT/P back into the same patient during the same surgical procedure are not subject to FDA regulation; 21 CFR 1271.15(b).

Regenexx is proud of its history of regulatory compliance and is deeply familiar with the regulatory environment in which it operates. If you have any questions about our regulatory compliance, please feel free to ask and we will be happy to speak with you in further detail.