Surgery as a treatment option for back or neck pain often has a bad reputation with many people knowing at least one person who still struggles with pain or is left with limited mobility and function after surgery.

Unfortunately, in many cases, spinal surgeries carry very risky side effects. With fusion surgery, complications occur 25% of the time with a majority relying heavily on medication for pain afterward.

However, at Derrington Orthopedics – Interventional Sports and Spine, we offer a wide variety of alternative treatment options for those who struggle with back or neck pain, even after surgical intervention. Our team focuses on using non-invasive treatment options that utilize your body’s healing system to naturally repair soft tissue damage and alleviate pain. These procedures allow us to inject customized healing agents into the injured areas to improve their overall health and function. These procedures require less downtime compared to traditional surgical options and eliminate the need for pain medication post-surgery.