It is estimated that 25% of Americans experience shoulder osteoarthritis, a form of degenerative joint disease, where cartilage breaks down. This causes friction to develop in the joint, often resulting in pain and reducing your mobility and function in the shoulder.

The shoulder is a very complex joint and shoulder replacement surgery is not often a good option due to the lengthy recovery and risk of complications. Instead, many offices focus on treating pain through the use of steroid injections that can kill whatever cartilage is left.

For our patients who experience shoulder osteoarthritis, we offer Percutaneous Shoulder Arthroplasty. During this procedure, our physicians use precise imaging guidance to inject custom healing agents into the damaged area to stimulate the soft tissues to heal while stabilizing your shoulder for better function and mobility. Often performed as an outpatient procedure, this alternative treatment option requires less downtime, reduces your need for reliance on pain medication, and helps you remain active in life.