The labrum is a thick piece of cartilage attached to the rim of the shoulder socket helping to keep the joint in place, like a rubber gasket. A labrum tear can occur anywhere around the rim, including where the bicep tendon attaches to the tissue.

The labrum is located deep within the shoulder and can make it difficult to diagnose in a single examination. Often multiple tests and scans are performed to determine the kind of tear and the best treatment options. Treatments will vary depending on the type of tear and how large of a tear it is.

Due to the depth of the labrum within your shoulder, surgery is often discouraged due to the lengthy recovery and the common side effect of limited function and mobility afterward. For patients who experience pain from a shoulder labral tear, we recommend a Percutaneous Labralplasty procedure, which uses precise imaging guidance to inject your own healing cells into the damaged area to help stabilize the ligaments as they heal.