Shoulder Pain

Our philosophy at Derrington Orthopedics – Interventional Sports and Spine in Carlsbad and Laguna Hills we emphasize non-surgical approaches to injuries and conditions. We proudly offer Regenexx patented treatments, a revolutionary option for patients experiencing shoulder pain. These non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments leverage your body's inherent healing mechanisms, aiming to effectively alleviate pain and repair damage to soft tissue and joints.

Shoulder pain can originate from a variety of structures within the joint. For many, this pain becomes a barrier to everyday activities, leading them to consider surgical solutions. However, shoulder surgery presents its own set of challenges, including the joint's complexity, potential for a prolonged recovery, and significant risks of complications. Conversely, conventional treatment options may offer only temporary relief, masking pain without addressing underlying issues or necessitating long-term pain management strategies that could harm your body or limit mobility.

We at Derrington Orthopedics – Interventional Sports and Spine advocate for our patients to contemplate Regenexx procedures. These procedures stand as a viable alternative to conventional shoulder surgery, aiming to reduce pain and enhance function through minimally invasive injections. These treatments promise shorter recovery periods and eliminate the dependency on long-term pain medications.

The advantage of Regenexx treatments lies in their foundation of cutting-edge medical research. They focus on regenerative techniques that support your body's natural recovery process. By precisely targeting the source of pain, these treatments foster an environment conducive to healing and regeneration without invasive surgery.

Choosing Regenexx could mean returning to your daily routines quicker and more safely, avoiding the lengthy downtimes and risks associated with surgical interventions. It's an option worth considering for those seeking effective relief from shoulder pain and intending to restore mobility, strength, and quality of life.

At our clinic, patient care is paramount. Our dedicated team, led by seasoned specialists, is committed to providing personalized treatment plans that reflect our holistic approach to orthopedic care. By choosing us, you're opting for a path prioritizing your health, well-being, and rapid return to an active lifestyle.

Embrace a future free from pain. Contact us today to explore how Regenexx treatments can transform your life. They offer a safe, effective, and scientifically backed alternative to shoulder surgery. Let us guide you back to health with treatments tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

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