Derrington Orthopedics – Interventional Sports and Spine offers cutting-edge orthopedic care for all types of acute and chronic injuries. Led by Dr. Stephen Derrington, our approach includes thorough diagnosis through history, exams, and imaging. We specialize in regenerative medicine, using advanced technology to promote the body’s natural healing. Our mission is to help patients quickly return to their favorite activities.

Meet Dr. Stephen Derrington: A Leader in Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care

Dr. Stephen Derrington

Precision and Expertise at the Forefront

In the specialized field of regenerative medicine, Dr. Stephen Derrington shines as a leading figure. His unwavering dedication to exceptional patient care sets him apart as a beacon of excellence. As a prominent Regenexx physician, Dr. Derrington has advanced the field significantly, performing more Regenexx procedures than any other clinic in California and ranking third in the entire United States in 2023.

A Foundation of Expertise

Dr. Derrington’s journey in medicine began at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, leading to an enriching internship at Wellington Regional Medical Center in Florida and a comprehensive residency at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His quest for mastery in regenerative medicine propelled him to complete a fellowship in Napa, California, under the guidance of Dr. Marko Bodor. This experience significantly advanced his skills in diagnostic ultrasound, interventional procedures with ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance, regenerative medicine, and electrodiagnostics.

Interventional Orthopedics Foundation

Interventional Orthopedics Foundation Instructor

Elite Credentials and Advanced Techniques

Within the prestigious Regenexx network, Dr. Derrington’s qualifications stand out. Regenexx physicians, known for their expertise in image-guided injection procedures and in-depth musculoskeletal evaluations, undergo rigorous training. Dr. Derrington’s use of an on-site processing lab, featuring proprietary techniques for higher cell concentrations, emphasizes his commitment to superior care. This ensures personalized treatment plans that redefine regenerative medicine standards.

Compassionate, Cutting-Edge Care

Dr. Derrington’s approach to orthopedic care elevates the patient experience by integrating advanced regenerative products, state-of-the-art imaging, and a personalized, compassionate approach. Specializing in treatments for joint, tendon, ligament, spine, and bone conditions, he pushes the boundaries of healing and recovery.

A Personal Touch

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Derrington values a balanced, active lifestyle. His passions for CrossFit, gourmet food, music, and family adventures mirror his holistic view of patient care. Treating each patient as unique, Dr. Derrington is committed to guiding each individual toward improved health and well-being.

Trust in Excellence and Compassion

Choose Dr. Stephen Derrington for your orthopedic needs and embark on a journey toward health and happiness with a doctor who blends excellence with genuine care.

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